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Letters from Nathan Johnson and Lupe Valdez to FNDRD


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In Memory of the Honorable Judge Darlene Ewing




Judge Darlene Ewing passed away on Friday, November 16. Before becoming a judge, Darlene was the Dallas County Democratic Party Chair. Under her tenure, Dallas County switched from an all Republican elected slate in 2004 to an all Democratic elected slate by 2008. Darlene was a family law attorney for 37 years, and always had the hope of becoming a family law judge. However, she would never run against another Democrat. Her opportunity to serve on the bench came in 2014, when an open seat was on the ballot. She won that seat and fulfilled her lifelong wish to become a judge.

Darlene holds a special spot in the history of the Far North Dallas Richardson Democrats. Since 2012, the club has presented the annual Darlene Ewing Leadership Award to prominent Democrats in the Dallas area. Beginning with 2019, the award will be renamed the Darlene Ewing Memorial Leadership Award.







8th Biennial Democratic Primary Candidates Forum





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