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Previous Award Recipients

2014 – Elizabeth Pancotti

2012 – Arielle Ennis

2011 – Matthew Leahy

The Far North Dallas Richardson Democrats (FNDRD) have established a scholarship in memory of our friend and founding Far North Dallas Democrats club member, Michael Cohen. The   scholarship recognizes Michael Cohen’s outstanding volunteer political work and leadership in support of local Democratic candidates and principles.

Purpose of Michael Cohen Scholarship

The Michael Cohen Memorial Scholarship reflects FNDRD members’ conviction that local field and community organizing is fundamental to winning elections.  The scholarship recognizes the importance of developing a new generation of skilled campaign professionals that are well trained on the techniques of effective campaign and field management.

The Scholarship will provide funds to a deserving individual(s) for an approved training class or classes related to campaign organizing. The scholarship recipient must be committed to working on a Democratic locally based campaign.


Provide up to $1,000 in funds to (an) individual(s) for the purposes of attending a professional political training class[1] related to campaign management and/or field management.  More than one person may be a recipient of scholarship money.  Scholarship funds are to be used for one or all of the following activities: course registration, travel, and lodging. In their application it’s important that the applicant identify approximately how much funding they are requesting and the estimated cost breakdown for each activity such as course registration, travel, and lodging. Applications can be received at any time in the year.


  • Scholarships will be awarded as determined by the FNDRD Board.
  • The Board will communicate their decision to an applicant within 30 days of receiving a completed application.
  • Funding for an MCS scholarship will be provided directly to a 3rd party. In cases where it may not be practical to provide funding to a 3rd party, an applicant will be reimbursed. The applicant will need to provide a cover letter briefly requesting reimbursement and provide receipts for requested reimbursed activity such as class registration, lodging and transportation.

Scholarship Selection Requirements

  •  Two letters of recommendation – at least one from a campaign organization (email to info@farnorthdallasdemocrats.org)
  • Complete an application below that explains how this scholarship will assist them in becoming a better campaign manager and field leader.
  • Priority will be given to applicants working on campaigns in North Dallas area.
  • Priority will be given to applicants from the North Dallas area.
  • Acknowledgement letter by local Dallas area campaign that individual is committed to work on in a local Dallas area campaign.

Scholarship Selection

The selection process will be conducted by the Board and may be delegated. Funding source for scholarship include but is not limited to: FNDRD club contribution, individual contributions and fundraiser(s).

Note funding of the MCS comes out of FNDRD general budget and assumes there is sufficient available budget.  Funding will depend on the number of scholarships granted and available     funds and periodically the MCS may have to be put on hold until funds for the scholarship can be replenished.  Rules may be changed at any time by FNDRD, including canceling the              program without notice. FNDRD decisions are final.


[1] For a partial list of approved training classes go to the Texas Democratic Party website, see under resources and training http://www.txdemocrats.org/resources/training/.

Application Steps for Michael Cohen Memorial Scholarship BE SURE to email two letters of recommendation to fnddclub@gmail.com.

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