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Purpose of Grassroots Grants

In support of community organization activities, FNDRD will provide Grassroots Grants (GG) of up to $100 to cover expenses for organizing activities.

Requirements for eligibility for GG

  • Paid FNDRD member
  • Precinct Chair, Precinct Captain or Community Activist

Eligible Activities for GG

Grants to be spent on activities related to general community and or precinct organizing.  Example of activities to include:

  • Precinct Meeting at home or public location for precinct organizing purposes
  • Organization of Precinct walk
  • Design cost and maintenance of website for Precinct Chair or Precinct Captain. Primary purpose of website should be used for organization and communication to local Precinct Democrats

Funding of GG comes out of FNDD general budget and assumes available budget.  The GG program may be temporary shutdown if funds for GG program are depleted for the year.

Eligible Reimbursable costs

GG can cover:

  • Printing and postage of mailing to precinct Democrats
  • Refreshments and snacks etc for precinct organizing meeting
  • Design of and maintenance of website

Process for Reimbursement

  1. Prior to organizing activity, applicant must get pre approval for GG funding.  Applicant to send the Grassroots Application (Step 1 only) to coordinator of GG program, care of FNDRD Grant Committee (FNDDGC) for review.  Please provide the FNDDGC committee sufficient time to review and approve activity, we recommend to submit the application to FNDDGG committee at least 14 days prior to activity.
  2. FNDDGC will communicate to applicant their decision on GG application within 7 days of receiving completed application.
  3. After event or activity is completed, the applicant must send a cover memo to briefly overview activity (Steps 2 & 3) with copy of receipts to be reimbursed and copy of activity sign in sheet, if applicable.

FNDRD members are limited to receive one GG in a 12-month period*.  (*Note FNRDD Board can rescind this limitation.)

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