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January 28, 2018, 2 pm
Wyndham Hotel
7800 Alpha Rd., Dallas, TX 75240

70 candidates signed up to speak including:

Lupe Valdez & Mark White running for Governor
Colin Allred, Ron Marshall, Ed Meier, George Rodriguez, Lillian Salerno & Brett Shipp running for CD 32
Mike Collier for Lt. Governor
Miguel Suazo for Land Commissioner
Tim Mahoney for State Comptroller
All candidates for State Senate Districs 8 and 16
Anna-Maria Ramos for HD 102
Candidates for Judge in 19 seats
John Creuzot and Elizabeth Frizell for Dallas County District Attorney
Three of the candidates for Dallas County Sheriff
and both candidates for Dallas County Democratic Party Chair.

2018 Primary Voter’s Guide

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