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2018 Primary Endorsements




First Day of Early Voting

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dallas County Polling Locations:

Verify your voter registration:


Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail

Friday, February 23, 2018

(Received, not postmarked)


Last Day of Early Voting

Friday, March 2, 2018


Last Day to Receive Ballot by Mail

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 (Election Day) at 7 PM if carrier envelope is not postmarked, or
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 (next business day after Election Day) at 5 PM if carrier envelope is postmarked by 7 PM at the location of the election on Election Day (unless overseas or military voter deadlines apply)


Primary Election Voting Day

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


UNSEAT PETE • Texas 32 Democratic Forum

February 18, 2018

Check-in at 1:30
Forum 2 – 4 PM

SMU Hughes-Trigg Student Center Theater

The top candidates will be invited.



January 28th, 2018
Wyndham Dallas Suites – Park Central
7800 Alpha Road, Dallas




A note about the production of this Voter’s Guide.

All candidates which will appear on Dallas County ballots were sent invitations to participate in this forum in several ways:

  • Attend and speak;
  • Reserve a table upon which to display literature;
  • Place an ad in the Official Program;
  • Submit information including:
    1. Educational Background, limited to 30 words;
    2. Work or Political Background, limited to 50 words;
    3. Candidate Statement, limited to 200 words.
      If a candidate did not send a statement in time for publication, that is noted at the end of each section.

The order in which the races are presented in this guide is the order they will appear on the ballot. The candidates are listed alphabetically, not in the order they will be on the ballot.


Guide produced by Lenna Webb, President, North Dallas Texas Democratic Women.


U.S. Representative, Congressional District 32


Colin Allred

Educational Background

Hillcrest High School, 2001
Baylor University, B.A. in History, 2005
University of California, Berkeley – School of Law, J.D., 2014

Work or Political Background

I grew up in this district and my mom was a DISD school teacher. Thanks to a scholarship I was able to play football for Baylor and in the NFL. I then became a civil rights attorney, worked on Wendy Davis’s campaign, and served with Secretary Castro at HUD.

Candidate Statement

This is my home, where I was born and raised by a single mother who was a teacher in Dallas public schools. We struggled financially and things were never easy, but I was able to chase my dreams because of the incredible support I received from fellow North Texans. I went to good Dallas public schools—graduating from Hillcrest High School—spent my evenings and school breaks at great YMCA camps, and was helped by so many who went above and beyond the call of duty to give a kid who didn’t know his father a chance to succeed. That support gave me the platform I needed to play in the NFL, become a civil rights attorney, and work for President Obama.

Stories like mine shouldn’t be unique. If you have the drive and work hard, you should be able to chase your dreams, too. Increasingly, however, that is no longer the case, and Pete Sessions has for decades pursued policies that have made it harder for North Texas families to get ahead. We deserve better, and I’m running for Congress to be their champion and to restore the fundamental promise of the American Dream for all North Texans.


Ron Marshall

Educational Background

B. S. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, University of Illinois 1966
M. S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois 1972

Work or Political Background

I was as Air Force Aircraft Structures Engineering Officer. While in Vietnam I recommended repair methods for structurally damaged aircraft. I became a registered professional structural engineer in Texas and worked on many kinds of structures including the Very Large Array radio telescope. I also worked as a software engineer.

Candidate Statement

There are a lot of important issues. I am an aerospace engineer and I know a lot about technical issues like man-made global warming, new energy technology, space exploration, and military technology. I also stand for human rights, reducing income inequality, and universal health care. On my website you can download a pdf document that gives my position on many issues.

However, we are not living in ordinary times. There is a lot of evidence that the United States is becoming a corporate dictatorship. . Living in denial or refusing to think about it is not going to protect are civil liberties.

The two main events driving the country toward a corporate dictatorship are the Republican Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling and Donald Trump’s presidency.

Citizens United has flooded political campaigns with corporate money and created a shadow government. If you run for office and talk like a corporate puppet you are showered with corporate money. If you run for office and don’t sound like a corporate puppet you are opposed by corporate money.

There is little difference between the actions of the Trump administration and the actions a corporate dictatorship would take. Trump has created a wave of destruction.


Ed Meier

Educational Background

I earned my undergraduate degree in International Affairs from George Washington University, a Master’s degree from Oxford University, and a law degree from the University of Texas.

Work or Political Background

Committed to public service, I joined the Obama Administration as a Senior Advisor at State Department coordinating the military-to-civilian transition in Iraq. I served as Director of Policy Outreach on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Most recently, I led Big Thought, an education non-profit in Dallas focused on closing the opportunity gap.

Candidate Statement

The son of medical missionaries, I grew up traveling back and forth between Dallas and Nigeria watching my parents dedicate their lives to caring for those in need. That taught me the value of public service and motivated me to devote my own life to serving others.

I am running because I love my hometown. Dallas and the North Texas community deserves a representative who looks out for their needs and their values. For too long, families have been left behind while special interests reap the rewards. We’ve seen Pete Sessions rubber stamp efforts to rip health care from millions, lead the charge to give big corporations a handout on the backs of the middle class, turn his back on Dreamers, and work hand-in-hand with Trump’s administration as they roll the clock back and assault everything that makes this country great.

In Congress, I’ll focus on what families here in North Texas need – better-paying jobs where people are treated with dignity, more affordable health care that they can count on, and making sure all of our kids are ready to compete in a changing economy. Together, we can move our country forward and bring change to North Texas.


George Rodriguez

Educational Background

George attended Dallas public schools through high school and then went on to receive his BA from Notre Dame and graduated from SMU‘s Dedman School of Law.

Work or Political Background

For over 22 years, George and his wife Michelle have built an immigration practice that serves this community. George has been involved in the National Hispanic Institute’s mission of providing leadership education to top-performing Latino high school students from across the United States and the Western Hemisphere since 1996.

Candidate Statement

It is time that we turned the page on corporate, big money politicians – we need to focus on our common values. was blessed with parents who instilled in me the importance of living life with purpose and with a faith that leads me to serve. I have lived in the Dallas area almost all my life and I know this community. am appalled by what is going on with our country and the current state of affairs. The “corporate politicians” have left the American people by the wayside and voiceless. I have always dreamed of being able to serve my country and my community as a public servant. have spent my legal career providing immigrant families with the opportunity to live legally in our country and to enjoy the freedoms of our democracy. have spent my spare time mentoring and developing youth in my community. have spent my time as a father raising children who care and serve others. am running because of my faith in our country and because I feel it is important to have real people who are connected to the community represent us in DC.


Lillian Salerno

Educational Background

Southern Methodist University School of Law; J.D., 1991
University of North Texas; Sociology Criminal Justice; M.A., 1988
University of Texas-Austin; Latin American Studies and Spanish; B.A., 1983

Work or Political Background

I was appointed by President Obama as Deputy Undersecretary for Rural Development in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I am also a small business woman, and started a medical device company that manufactured the first-ever retractable syringe, which protected nurses and revolutionized care for patients.

Candidate Statement

I’m running for Congress to represent the 32nd District because we need a leader who will create economic opportunity for working families, invest in our communities and defend against the assault on women.

I know the struggles working families face. I come from a family of eight brothers and sisters, with not many resources. I’m a first-generation college graduate, and paid my tuition with the help of Pell grants and by waiting tables morning and night. I raised my three kids — a son and two adopted daughters — as a single mom.

I’ve spent my whole career fighting for women and working families. As a small business woman, I fought for nurses who lacked the proper tools to treat patients without risking their own lives. I took on big medical corporations that were putting profits over safety, and won. As an Obama appointee, I worked to bring economic opportunity to rural communities, like connecting local farmers here in Texas and ensuring access to clean drinking water in Alaska.

I’m running to take on the system and stand up for the people — for my children and all Texans who want a better future for the next generation. Please join me.


Brett Shipp

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University (1983)
Diploma from Highland Park High School (1977)

Work or Political Background

I am a former investigative reporter with 35 years of combined experience in Dallas, Amarillo, Lufkin, and Tulsa. For 22 years with the same local station in Dallas, my reporting focused on exposing injustice, holding the corporate sector and our elected officials accountable, and improving the lives of everyday people.

Candidate Statement

I am running to be your Congressman because I see a need for trustworthy representatives who put the best interests of constituents and our democracy above all else. We can no longer sit by while the President, aided by Pete Sessions, spreads his nationalist, isolationist agenda, his assault on the environment, his attack on decency, on civility, on the free press, and on everyday citizens.

I have a proven record of forging change by shining a flashlight of truth and accountability across all levels of government, society, and the corporate world over my 35-year career. As a reporter, I have produced tangible results via my stories that have directly benefitted the people of District 32 on the issues they care most about, like healthcare, workers compensation insurance, public education, the rights and treatment of immigrants, and sound management of public tax dollars. I found the problems affecting the metroplex and forced the appropriate authorities to fix them. I have worked tenaciously to serve the people of this community for my entire career. I want to bring that same spirit to Washington. Let’s work together to achieve the positive political and policy changes you want and deserve.


Todd Maternowski did not send his statement in time for publication.




Lupe Valdez

Educational Background

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Southern Nazarene University. Later, while working as a federal agent, she completed her Master’s in Criminology from UT-Arlington.

Work or Political Background

Prior to becoming Sheriff, she was as a captain in the U.S. Army and as a federal agent, where she investigated fraud and abuse in the United States and money laundering from criminal organizations in South America.2004 to 2017 she has been the Sheriff of Dallas County.

Candidate Statement

As the daughter of migrant farmworkers and the youngest child in a family of ten — I learned the value of a strong work ethic and the opportunity that comes with education. Educar para elevar, educate to elevate, are words I has lived by.

While Sheriff, I worked diligently to address deep structural problems that had developed over the preceding 20 years. county jail was understaffed, overpopulated, and unsanitary. With my team and the leadership of the County Commissioners, I succeeded in tackling many of the challenges that had plagued the Department such as improving the quality of care for mentally ill inmates, changing culture, and striving to ensure any individual touched by the criminal justice system was treated with respect and dignity.

As governor, I would embrace the tremendous opportunity that lies before us. We have to invest in Texans. Folks are paying so much in property taxes because the Austin special interests want it that way. Instead of paying their fair share on school funding and closing tax loopholes for special interests, those in power continue to punish school districts, cities, and counties that are trying to meet Texans’ growing needs.


Andrew White

Educational Background

I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia in 1994 and Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of Texas in 2003.

Work or Political Background

I have worked in executive roles for start-ups in fire and water damage restoration, industrial services and consulting. I’m the current president of Sweat Equity Partners, LP, and established Allied Warranty in 2005 and Lone Star Repair in 2006. In late 2012 both companies were purchased by NRG Energy, Inc.

Candidate Statement

I’m a family man who, as a small-business owner, helped create hundreds of jobs and understands what it’s like to sign both sides of the paycheck.
My dad, Mark White, governor of Texas in the 1980s, taught by example what it means to lead sacrificially. I experienced that firsthand during the Harvey flood when I used my small fishing boat to rescue people stranded by rising water.
I believe politics should be about more than just getting re-elected forever. Our current state leaders are stuck pandering to extremists with bathroom bills, sanctuary cities and tree ordinances, instead of focusing on our real problems like improving education and healthcare.

As Governor, my top priority will be to continue my dad’s legacy of improving public education. As a start, I’ll increase teacher pay $5,000 per year to attract and retain the best teachers,I’ll pay for it by closing a $5 billion commercial property tax loophole that mostly benefits out of state owners.

If you’re ready for change, I humbly ask for your support and to join our movement for fairness, equality, and common sense. Because Texas can do better.


Cedric Davis, SR., Demetria Smith, Grady Yarrough, James Jolly Clark, Jeffrey Payne, Joe Mumbach and Tom Wakely did not send their statement in time for publication.


Lieutenant Governor


Mike Collier

Educational Background

Georgetown High School in Williamson County, Texas
First Chair 1979 All State Symphony Orchestra (Trumpet)
BBA (Business), MBA (Finance), University of Texas at Austin
Marched in the Longhorn Band

Work or Political Background

Certified Public Accountant with 35 years of business experience, including 22 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Ran for Texas Comptroller, 2014
Conducted Listening Tour and Wrote 2014 Election Report
Served as TDP Finance Chair, 2015-2017
Launched full-time bid for Lt Governor in March, 2017

Candidate Statement

Dan Patrick is our state’s worst Lt Governor. He is hostile to public education; I am public education’s most vigorous champion. He has presided over property tax increases, allowing big corporations to thrust the tax burden onto our backs; I intend to reverse this to make property taxes fair again. He presides over a political culture that is hate-filled, lacks compassion, and does not serve the people; I will use my extensive business and financial skill to bring people together, solve problems, and live up to the high expectations of a moral and compassionate people. He deliberately blurs the lines between church and state as a means of manipulating voters; I believe separation of church and state are essential to our freedom. Finally, he presides over a legislature that suppresses democracy; I will promote democracy to the fullest extent by ending gerrymandering and discriminatory voter ID laws.


Michael Cooper did not send his statement in time for publication.


Comptroller of Public Accounts


Joi Chevalier and Tim Mahoney did not send their statement in time for publication.


Commissioner of the General Land Office


Miguel Suazo

Candidate Statement

I am the most qualified candidate on the ballot for Commissioner of the General Land Office (GLO) because my education and experience have prepared me to execute the duties of the office. As a former US Senate staffer, I have worked on issues related to land use planning, education, veterans, environmental protection, and economic development—all of which are integral to the mission of the GLO. As an attorney who manages a regional law firm, I also understand how to run a successful business and what it takes for businesses to succeed, generally. As an energy and natural resources professional, I will be able to provide direction on mineral leasing for supporting education, a key duty of the GLO, and stewardship of our Texas lands for the next generation. Most importantly, the best resume isn’t what determines success unless you can get a job done. I have demonstrated leadership and success at each stage of my career and I look forward to showing how my unique abilities as a manager and a leader will translate into success for the GLO and the people of Texas.


Tex Morgan did not send his statement in time for publication.


Member, State Board of Education, District 12


Suzanne Smith

Educational Background

1) Graduated with MBA from Duke 2) Teaches as Adjunct at UT Arlington 3) Daughter of School Administrators 4) Advocate for Education Reform: 2 Decades 5) Record as consensus builder

Work or Political Background

1) CEO of Social Impact Architects, a nonprofit consulting firm 2) Founder of Social Education Group, an e-learning company 3) Experience working for American Heart Association/Phoenix House 4) Served as Vice Chair of the Library Board, South Dallas Trust and Board of Adjustment for Dallas 5) Selected for Leadership Dallas and Leadership North Texas

Candidate Statement

The Texas economy is ranked No. 6 nationally by U.S. News and World Report. We are thriving economically. But, I have become increasingly concerned that our education system is not keeping pace with our needs. Texas’ education system is ranked No. 41 in the country. If we don’t make innovative and smart decisions over the next decade to change our course, tomorrow’s future will not be as bright. My goal as your next SBOE member for District 12 is to take this fight to Austin to make Texas No. 1 in education and prepare our children to be the global citizens of tomorrow.While there are many pieces of policy that are important to our future, there are three that stand out:

Strong start –Quality early education from birth to third grade provides the highest ROI for the future success of our students. I will work to expand high-quality pre-K to full day for economically disadvantaged students in Texas.

Whole child – Attentiongiven to children who come to school hungry, whose asthma problems inhibit their activity or who are being bullied at school or feel unsafe,issues like these hinder learning.

Teaching recruitment, excellence and retention – Teachers are one the biggest drivers of student success.


Laura Malone-Miller and Tina Green did not send their statement in time for publication.


State Senator District 8


Brian Chaput

Candidate Statement

Like many of my friends and neighbors—and maybe you too—I’ve felt frustrated and disempowered by what I see happening in Austin. The partisan supermajority in the Texas Senate must be broken and this important seat is primed to break it. We need a new voice in the State Capitol: ours.

My platform targets improved public education, tax reform, and workforce-based economic growth using financial incentives in public-private partnership. We need transit improvements, environmental protection, equal opportunity, secured individual liberties and choice, and government transparency. We need change that embodies the genuine Texas spirit. I have real plans to implement real changes for these issues rooted by my conversations with dozens of our community leaders during my campaign.

I am a 37-year resident of this district, and I have served years in city government, Freemasonry, sports, PTA, volunteering, and coaching youth sports. I have 2 engineering degrees, 3 patents, 5 marathons, summited Kilimanjaro, and most importantly have two wonderful children with my wife Rachel, the love of my life. We need practical problem solving and as an engineer and manager, I can bring a pragmatic, thoughtful, and compassionate approach to representation.


Mark Phariss

Educational Background

Mark attended public school as a child, earned his BA from Westminster College and a JD from Vanderbilt Law School.

Work or Political Background

Mark began in private practice helping small businesses grow and succeed, and now works as a general counsel.

As a civil rights advocate fought for pro-equality legislation like the Equality Act and non-discrimination ordinances. With his husband, Vic, he successfully sued the state of Texas for marriage equality.

Candidate Statement

Mark’s priorities are the simple ones of every resident of SD8. We need good schools, with an equitable funding system. The choices of the legislature over the last decade have stripped away state funding and forced residents to pick up the slack with rising property taxes. This is a regressive and unsustainable burden on homeowners in SD8.

Second, we need to ensure that the jobs in SD8 remain high quality and improve over the decades to come. Doing so requires a strong K-12 education system, but it also means making sure our college students can afford to live and work in the area, so the region retains the educated workforce needed to attract new businesses. We need to solve our transportation needs, without completely relying on toll roads, so that SD8 is still driveable as the population grows.

Most importantly, our state legislators need to choose to focus on these and other basic issues that affect everyone’s daily life, rather than distractions like federal border policy, bathroom bills, “show your papers” laws, and other attempts by our state legislators to grandstand rather than deal with real issues.


State Senator District 16


Joe Bogen

Educational Background

UT Austin-BS Radio TV Film 2003
LBJ School- Masters Public Affairs 2006
Brooklyn Law School-JD 2012

Work or Political Background

Joe is a solo defense attorney who mainly does court appointed felony and misdemeanor work

Candidate Statement

Hi, I’m Joe Bogen and I’m running to be your next State Senator. I was born in our district, and I feel a deep sense of pride for our community. My vision is to create a better Texas for everyone by working to solve these tough issues: • I will introduce common sense criminal justice reform. • I will expand healthcare access and affordability. • I will increase funding for our teachers and public schools. • And I will restore power to our local government.


Nathan Johnson

Educational Background

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Physics from the University of Arizona
Completed Graduate courses in Music Theory at UNT
Received my J.D. from UT Austin

Work or Political Background

Attorney at Sheinfeld, Maley, & Kay
Owner Music for Pictures (Original musical scores for picture and theatre productions)
Founding Partner at Spector and Johnson
Dallas Democratic Forum—Board Member
Dallas County Trails and Preserve Board—Chair
Provided pro-bono legal counsel for the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas

Candidate Statement

I’ve lived, worked, built businesses, raised a family, and served and led civic organizations in this District for the last 25 years. I’ve developed a deep affection for the people here, and a network of support from friends from all walks of life. People here don’t always agree on policy matters. But they agree on this: it’s time for progressive policy in Texas. As progressives we dedicate ourselves to social progress, we realize that social progress generates economic stability, strength, and growth, and that these in in turn strengthen our social fabric. Progressive means we’re not content to hold our own while others are left behind, that we’re not content with preservation of the status quo.

Progress means a high-performing public education system, access to quality healthcare, a productive workforce that engages all people without prejudice or obstacles, fiscally sound and transparent policies in taxation and public investment, a working infrastructure, all to the effect of creating a climate that encourages quality businesses and people to make Texas their home.

I will champion these values in Austin, in a respectful voice that draws moderates in, and ultimately leads them to see the moral and economic imperatives that progressive policies serve.


State Representative District 102


Ana-Maria Ramos

Educational Background

Juris Doctorate – Southern Methodist University
Master of Business Administration – Texas Woman’s University
Bachelor of Arts– University of Texas at Arlington
Associate of Arts– Eastfield College

Work or Political Background

Ramos Law, PLLC – Attorney and Owner
El Centro College – Adjunct Professor
El Centro College, West Campus – Executive Director
Jubilee Park & Community Center – Executive Director
Extensive canvassing, phone banking, voter registration, and organizing experience. Campaigns include: Obama, Wendy Davis, Lira Bravo, John Kerry

Candidate Statement

As an educator and the mother of both a public-school teacher and a high school senior, I am committed to strengthening our public schools and empowering our teachers.
I work in the classroom. I teach children and adults. I work daily with families. I see the education gap. More importantly, I see a field of opportunity and the promise possessed by our future generation. It is time we send an experienced educator and an unwavering public-school advocate to Austin to fight for our children and our future.
Our Texas Constitution requires the State Legislature to support a strong public-school system. Unfortunately, Linda Koop and the Texas GOP have been negligent and have failed to fulfill this basic duty. As your representative, I will make public schools a priority and will fight to keep our promise to invest in Texans.
Fighting for our schools and our community is my top priority. Our citizens, local school districts and communities deserve the freedom to flourish. As your representative, I will fight for you and your family to ensure that the investment in our schools and our future is not used as a political tool but is championed as a critical priority.


District Judge, 68th Judicial District


Amanda Ghagar

Educational Background

University of Texas at Austin, BA (Government and Philosophy); full scholarship, 4.0 GPA in-major, University and Department Honors
University of Illinois College of Law, JD; on scholarship, High Honors Distinction in Legal Research, Dean’s List

Work or Political Background

I am a founding member of the Lampasas County Young Democrats and have continued my community service for the past ~20 years, including being an active member of the College Democrats, Law School Democrats, and Democratic activism in Dallas County.

Candidate Statement

I am an attorney, community activist, and the daughter of a public-school teacher and immigrant from Tehran. I have more than eight years of legal experience as a trial attorney and in-house counsel advocating for a broad range of clients and subject matter, for both defendants and plaintiffs, on matters ranging in size from a few thousand dollars to over $100 million. I have a strong history of public service, advocacy, and community involvement, and am active in efforts to support communities throughout Dallas County and beyond, from working to protect U.S. citizens and detainees at DFW Airport, to championing the rights of those affected by Senate Bill 4, serving as a World Wide Pro Bono Lead for Hewlett Packard delivering more than 800 hours of pro bono services in 2016 alone, and hauling supplies and providing hot meals to first responders in Rockport following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. If elected, I am looking forward to building bridges between the community and judiciary through innovate programs for DISD elementary schools, first year law students in underrepresented groups, and young lawyers who appear in my courtroom.


Martin Hoffman

Educational Background

Judge Hoffman received his degree in economics and philosophy from Trinity University in 1989 and graduated from University of Texas Law School in 1992.

Work or Political Background

Judge Hoffman is a lifelong Democrat. In college, Judge Hoffman served as President of the Texas Young Democrats and as Ann Richards State Youth Coordinator. Judge Hoffman was a practicing civil litigator for thirteen years. He worked for the law offices of Windle Turley and as the litigation manager for Smoger & Associates.

Candidate Statement

Judge Hoffman was elected in 2006 to the 68th Civil District Court. Judge Hoffman has been honored with the Outstanding Trial Judge Award in 2013 by the Texas Attorney Mediator Coalition for his work with foreclosure mediation legislation. In 2017, Judge Hoffman was named the Outstanding Jurist by the Dallas Women Lawyers Association. He has been elected four times by the 11,000 members of the Dallas Bar to the Dallas Board of Directors. In 2012, Judge Hoffman was honored with the Outstanding Mentor award by both the Texas Young Lawyer Association and the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. In 2016, he was awarded the Hon. Cleo Steele Committed Mentor Award by J.L. Turner Legal Association. He was also selected by his peers at the George Allen Courthouse to serve at the Presiding Judge of the Central Jury Room for 2009 and as the Presiding Judge of the Civil District Judges for 2014
Judge Hoffman was very involved with the community prior to taking office. He served as president of the Dallas Homeowners League for three years and served on that board for over a decade. While on that board, he trained over a thousand neighborhood leaders.


Kim Brown did not submit her statement in time for publication.


District Judge, 160th Judicial District


Jim Jordan

Educational Background

Austin College, Sherman, Texas 1974; Texas Tech University School of Law 1977; National Judicial College 2013; Masters Judicial Studies, projected graduation 2018.

Work or Political Background

Three term Judge 160th Civil District Court, first elected in 2006; Former Judge 44th Civil District Court appointed by Governor Mark White; 2008 Democratic Nominee for Chief Justice Texas Supreme Court; 1984-85 President Garland Area Democrats; attended numerous Precinct, Senate and State Democratic conventions.

Candidate Statement

I ask for your vote for re-election to this civil court because I believe strongly in the Constitution, I respect the Rule of Law and I care about people. I am the only candidate in this race with judicial experience and the only one Board Certified in Civil Trial Law. Only one tenth of one percent of Texas attorneys has this distinction. I consistently receive high ratings from Dallas attorneys in all categories of the semi-annual Judicial Evaluation Poll. And I have one of the lowest reversal rates of any Dallas civil district judge. I have also served as Adjunct Professor for Paul Quinn College and for Texas Tech Law School Regional Externship Program. A lifelong Democrat, I believe that diversity strengthens our democracy and should be embraced, not feared, that equality is for all citizens – economic and social fairness and justice, that education, health, and a living wage for working men and women should be equally accessible to all citizens, that one should not be deprived of one’s rights because of who they are, how they live or what they believe, and that women have the right to make their own choices about their health and their bodies.


Aiesha Redmond

Educational Background

Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Juris Doctor, Summa Cum Laude, graduated top 5% of class, 2007
Southwest Texas University, Bachelor of Healthcare Administration, Cum Laude, 2004

Work or Political Background

Baker Botts, LLP and Dallas County District Attorney’s Office
Litigated complex civil litigation matters, personal injury cases, labor and employment matter, civil asset forfeitures and contractual issues.
Prosecuted a variety of felony cases including family violence, drug offenses, violent crimes, white-collar crimes, DWIs, and murders.

Candidate Statement

I am the best candidate because I am qualified, fair, and I truly believe in justice for all. I started my legal career working for Baker Botts, an international law firm, representing corporations and Fortune 100 companies on a variety of complex civil matters, including contractual issues, labor and employment and construction litigation. While at Baker Botts, I put in countless hours volunteering my legal services to those who could not afford an attorney. In 2013, I joined the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. While at the District Attorney’s Office, I represented the citizens of Dallas County in both criminal and civil matters. My practice ranged from prosecuting murders and family violence cases, to representing the County in contractual and civil disputes. I have tried over 100 cases during my legal career. I have a strong work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility, which has assisted me in having a successful legal career. I have the unique experience of representing both corporations and the average person, which has prepared me to be fair and impartial to all litigants. Because of my experience, I believe I have the better temperament and demeanor to make decisions that affect people’s lives.


Lynda Lee Weaver and Bonnie Wolff did not submit their statements in time for publication.


District Judge, 193rd Judicial District


Carl Ginsberg

Educational Background

LLM 2016 University of London (distance learning program), London, England
J.D. 1995 University of Texas School of Law – Austin, Texas
B.A. 1992 Duke University – Durham, North Carolina

Work or Political Background

I was one of the “Founding Members of the Class of 2006,” where we banded together to turn Dallas County Democratic. Before becoming a Judge, I was a Democratic Precinct Chair from 1999-2005. I have consistently supported our County Party via Leadership Council and other means.

Candidate Statement

I have the strongest credentials of any candidate in this race. I have over a decade of judicial experience. My opponents have none. Upon taking office, I inherited the most backlogged court and quickly turned it into one of the least backlogged courts. According to the most recent County Management Report, I have the highest disposition rate among the Civil District Courts. Before becoming a Judge, I tried scores of civil jury trials as a lawyer. I am Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (only around 7% of lawyers in Texas are Board Certified). As a lawyer, I handled a broad array of cases which prepared me well for becoming a Judge. None of my opponents has anywhere near this broad array of experience. I am proud to say that the Former Dallas County District Clerk, Gary Fitzsimmons, has publicly stated that I have among the best judicial temperaments of any judge in the courthouse. In sum, I am experienced, hardworking, efficient, smart, well-tempered and fair. There is no reason for a change in the Court.


Bridgett Whitmore

Educational Background

Bridgett Whitmore graduated from Booker T. Washington HSPVA in 1991. She matriculated to Yale University, graduating in 1995. She matriculated to Tulane Law School, receiving her Juris Doctor in 1998.

Work or Political Background

I began my career at the Dallas County District Attorney’s office from 1999-2002 handling Child Welfare litigation. In 2002, I moved to a civil litigation law firm. I remained there until 2013, making partner in 2009. In 2014, I returned to public service, with the State and the DA’s Office.

Candidate Statement

For most of my life, I’ve known my calling was to serve my community through the law. In many ways, my legal career has diverged from the dreams of the 17 year–old girl who left Dallas for Yale intent on fighting for justice for those who could not fight for themselves. However, life takes you in directions that you don’t understand, and paths that seem so far away from the dreams you have for yourself. Now is the time for me to realize my dreams.
I am excited to announce my candidacy for the 193rd District Court. My path has prepared me for this very moment. As a prosecutor bringing cases on behalf of Child Protective Services, I understand managing a massive docket of cases and ensuring that deadlines are met. This experience combined with the decade of practice working in the private sector defending corporations makes me the perfect candidate for understanding the interests of both Petitioners and Defendants. The 193rd needs someone who is fair and impartial.
As someone who’s approach is measured, makes decisions based on the law and works with both plaintiff and defense attorneys equally and fairly, I am exactly what the 193rd needs.


District Judge, 203th Judicial District


Raquel “Rocky” Jones

Educational Background

Texas A&M University~College Station;. Mary’s University School of Law;of Innsbruck~Austria

Work or Political Background

I identify with the ideology of the Democratic Party The belief in personal freedoms, the democratic process as well as equal rights for all. It is my belief (and upbringing) that all people are equal regardless of race, gender or religion. Diversity is required and needed within the criminal justice system for it to work fairly and evenly for all.

Candidate Statement

I will be respectful of the laws that govern our Country, State and County. There should not be a blatant disregard of the laws with no accountability by those who have broken the law. I will restore accountability, dependability and justice back to that Court because the citizens of Dallas County deserve a Judge who has a thorough knowledge of the law and will uphold those laws. I will be respectful to those citizens that would come before me that are accused of a crime. I will give people choices and chances and every opportunity to make a change for the better.I will not only hold offenders accountable but I will also be accountable to the citizens who elected me. By holding those accused accountable, I will improve their futures by arming them with tools and resources to be productive citizens in society while also giving a voice to the victims who were harmed. I will be dependable by making sure that I am present in Court each day so that I may be available to those citizens accused as well as to the victims who are seeking a resolution to their case.


Teresa Hawthorne did not submit her statement in time for publication.


District Judge, 204th Judicial District


Stephen Duplantis

Educational Background

Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA BGS 1989
Pepperdine University School of Law – Malibu, CA JD 1992

Work or Political Background

Licensed in CA (1992) and TX (2005)
Over ten years with the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office
Currently in private practice

Candidate Statement

I am a life-long Democrat. My judicial philosophy is based upon bail reform, rehab and probation for nonviolent drug offenses, and a commitment to treating all before the court with dignity and respect.


Tammy Kemp did not submit her statement in time for publication.


District Judge, 255th Judicial District


Sandre Moncriffe

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts, Wiley College, 1993
Juris Doctor, St. Mary’s University School of Law, 1999

Work or Political Background

Trustee, Desoto Independent School District
Summary of Legal Experience: For the past six years, I served as a Prosecutor with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office in the Juvenile Law Division, where I practiced in the area of Child Welfare/CPS. Prior to this position, I successfully operated a Family Law practice for almost 10 years.

Candidate Statement

I am asking voters to choose me over my opponent because the public deserves a Judge with the temperament, knowledge, and experience to make sound decisions in the best interest of children and families, and to make the just and right divisions of property that the law allows. I submit to voters that my 17 years of legal experience has afforded me the opportunity to work on a variety of Family Law cases, encompassing child support, divorces, terminations, adoptions, property division and custody issues. I also have extensive trial experience, including Jury Trials.

Furthermore, I am asking voters to choose me because I am committed to public service. I have demonstrated my commitment to public service as a School Board Trustee, and in my overall service to my community. In sum, my family law experience is broad, my temperament is well suited for the role of Judge of the 255th District Court, and I have a passion and commitment to public service.


Kim Cooks did not submit her statement in time for publication.


District Judge, 265th Judicial District


Jennifer Bennett

Educational Background

I earned a bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University in 1994.After working with an attorney for a year, I attended SMU and graduated with my JD in 1998.

Work or Political Background

Before taking office in 2015, I worked at both Harris and Dallas County DA’s Offices for 15 years.I was a supervisor in Dallas where I trained and supervised other attorneys.I tried 150+ jury trials for every type of felony case including animal cruelty, family violence, and capital murders.

Candidate Statement

In 2015 when I took over the 265th District Court, it had people waiting in jail for trial for over 2 years.Of the seventeen felony courts, at times it had more people waiting in jail than any other court.This unnecessary backlog was not only an injustice for people waiting in jail, but was also unfair to crime victims. Justice delayed is justice denied and to that end, I have drastically reduced wait times in jail and cut the numbers of people waiting in jail for trial.Aside from the benefit to those directly involved, this is a huge savings of taxpayer dollars spent to keep people in jail.In addition to running my felony court, I oversee the Dual Diagnosis Court (DDC).For DDC we work to provide aftercare for probationers coming from all seventeen courts after they have completed in patient treatment at DDC and provide resources such as counseling and personalized attention to help promote long-term recovery.Additionally, we have partnered with the Phoenix Project to provide union jobs to persons on probation.And finally, if a probationer in my court shows initiative, we work with them to help achieve success.


Myra McIntosh

Educational Background

I received my Juris Doctorate degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 2001. I received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1996.

Work or Political Background

After 17 years of practicing criminal law as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have resolved over 10,000 cases and tried over 150 trials ranging from capital murder to simple assault. Additionally, since 2009, I have served as a full-time professor and Legal Studies Director at Paul Quinn College.

Candidate Statement

I entered this race to oppose a system of judicial abuse concerning the rights of the accused, judicial appointments, and basic principles of fairness. As a Felony Court Judge, I will balance the need to aggressively address concerns about crime and punishment with equally important considerations of fairness and redemption. Dallas County residents deserve thoughtful, experienced and balanced judges, which uphold the law while compassionately serving the community. As a Felony Family Violence Prosecutor, I worked closely with victims and their families and developed a passion for seeking justice for individuals who have had their lives permanently impacted by crime. Conversely, as a defense attorney, I know the damage that can be done to families of the wrongfully accused facing systemic obstacles ingrained within our legal system such as bias, crippling expenses and inexperience with a system that can be complex and overwhelming. Through my professorship at Paul Quinn College, I instruct students to consider our judicial system from all angles. Our community has an obligation to constantly evaluate, reform and improve the institutions that people rely on for justice. Once elected, I will bring this wealth of experiences to serve the people of Dallas County.


District Judge, 283rd Judicial District


Vonciel Jones Hill

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts; Master of Library Science; Master of History; Law Degree; Master of Theology

Work or Political Background

Lifelong Democrat. Eight years on the Dallas City Council. Thirty-nine years of legal experience, including over ten years as owner of my own law firm.

Candidate Statement

I am seeking this bench in order to continue serving the people of Dallas County. I served as a City of Dallas Municipal Judge for seventeen years. I know how to preside over trials and how to manage the varied administrative duties of a general jurisdiction court. I also taught evidence to Judges throughout the State of Texas – always receiving excellent reviews. In the 283rd, I intend to focus on speedy disposition of the trial docket. Additionally, I intend to establish a male mentoring program, placing young men, who are non-violent, first offenders, with older men, so that the younger men can learn to redirect their lives and become productive, contributing members of the community.


Lela Mays

Educational Background

Lela D. Mays graduated LBJ High School in Austin in 1981. University of Houston, 1985 and Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, 1988.

Work or Political Background

I was in private practice for 10 years before taking the felony criminal court bench, as a Magistrate, in 2000. I have presided over drug treatment courts since 2002. In 2007, I developed and implemented a high-risk felony drug court (S.T.A.C.). I have just celebrated 1700 graduates.

Candidate Statement

While in private practice I had many trials both before juries and various Judges. I have been on the felony bench for 18 years. I believe in bail reform and that bail should be based on the ability to pay and the likelihood of your return to court and not only on the charge itself.

I preside over S.T.A.C. (The Successful Treatment of Addiction Through Collaboration) Court, which is a drug and alcohol treatment court. I am experienced in working with the felony court population that suffers from mental illness and substance abuse. These illnesses do not discriminate. I have had participants that are 17 to 74, middle school drop-outs to post college graduates, the homeless, addicted, mentally ill and intellectually disabled. My experience is wide ranging in working with those involved in the criminal justice system.

Based on the facts of the case, consequences should match the offense. I believe in Criminal Justice Reform and would identify the appropriate non-violent offenders, that should be required to engage in treatment, for addiction to drugs, alcohol and to address their mental health needs.


District Judge, 302nd Judicial District


Thelma Sanders Clardy and Sandra Jackson did not submit their statements in time for publication.


District Judge, 304th Judicial District


LaDeitra Adkins

Educational Background

Skyline High School – 1990, High School Diploma
Prairie View A&M – 1997, Bachelor of Science Degree, Criminal Justice
South Texas School of Law – 2000, Juris Doctor Degree

Work or Political Background

My relationship with the Dallas County Democratic Party dates to 2007, affording invaluable political experience. I have volunteered and have served as a DCDP field director. In 2009, I founded the Candidate Connection Group, a campaign-consulting firm dedicated to putting qualified, ethical judges on the bench.

Candidate Statement

I am running for 304th judge because I am the best person for the job. I bring 17+ years of juvenile legal experience to this bench and my compassion and commitment to working with families in crisis will make a profound difference to those appearing before me. Once there, my tenure on the bench will be one of impact in part because I pledge to work hard, maintaining accessibility and transparency. Moreover, I recognize that the right to be heard is an invaluable one; I promise to keep this and all other rights of the parties at the forefront. Our judicial system can only be as effective as its judges, and their ability to apply the law accurately – and where discretion is allowed – equitably.

Family means a great to me and I know the difference that a caring, protective and functional family can make in a child’s life successes. My court will work to ensure that the families caring for and raising our children, whether biological or otherwise, are equipped to lay the basic life foundations necessary for that child’s current and future successes. Safety and success go hand-in-hand and will remain so under my tenure.


Andrea Martin did not submit her statement in time for publication.


Criminal District Judge Dallas County #1


Monique Ward

Educational Background

Monique Ward graduated from Bishop Dunne High School. I also graduated with honors from Dillard University with a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice and Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

Work or Political Background

Monique began her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. As a result of my hard-work and legal ability, Monique rose through the ranks to become a Felony Chief Prosecutor. She is now a managing partner of her law firm practicing criminal defense.

Candidate Statement

I am running for judge of Criminal District Court No. 1 to ensure that every individual who comes before the court has equal access to the justice system and so that every person is given the opportunity to stand before a judge who fair and impartial. My 12 years of continuous felony criminal experience on both the prosecutorial and the defense side positions me to have the most relevant legal experience when considering the types of cases that are heard before this court. I have handled over 10,000 different cases, including more than 200 trials. I believe in fairness and I want to positively impact my community in a larger way by implementing bail reform initiatives to address reasonable bond amounts, by ensuring fair trials and by ensuring safer communities. I also would like to further expand diversionary and rehabilitation programs for first time non-violent offenders and programs for those who have addictions and/or mental health disorders. I would like to initiate a court program that focuses on job training, mental health counseling and drug and alcohol addiction services.


Tina Yoo Clinton

Educational Background

Southern Methodist University School of Law, JD
The University of Texas at Austin, BA in Philosophy

Work or Political Background

I was a prosecutor for over ten years. I practiced criminal defense for four years. I was a municipal judge for four years and am currently the judge of County Criminal Court 8, completing my second term. I tried/resided over 400 criminal cases. I decreased my docket by 50 percent.

Candidate Statement

I had been told by an experienced District Judge when I started my term as a County Court Judge that I would at some point seek out higher office because I would find a wall if I ever showed an interest in policy. As a sitting judge, I have grappled with the hardest policy issues our criminal justice system is faced with today. I have studied and visited other jurisdictions to gain better perspective and learn best practices. I have testified at the Senate and House Subcommittees regarding Criminal Justice issues. But this was not enough. Many refused to listen because of a lack of title. I have a width of experience that is unique. I teach criminal laws nationally. I have the confidence and respect of my peers throughout the State of Texas, as evidenced by my election as a board member to the Texas Center for Judiciary. But in order to move forward in the policy work I have started, I need to be a District Court Judge so that legislators and administrators will listen. I ask you to support me and allow me to continue the work I have begun by voting for me in this race.


Criminal District Judge Dallas County #6


Alison Grinter

Educational Background

2000 University of Houston – BA in Political Science, minor in Religious Studies
2005 SMU Dedman School of Law – Juris Doctor

Work or Political Background

I am Board Certified in Criminal Law. Twelve years in practice. I’m a former Assistant Public Defender, and I am the Executive Director of Legal Access Texas, an access to justice nonprofit. I have handled more than ten thousand criminal cases. I have been a precinct chair since 2006.

Candidate Statement

Like many Democrats in Dallas County, I was troubled and embarrassed when I saw my hometown in the national news for our judge shaming a child sexual assault survivor and calling into question her virginity after she was forcibly raped in her school. And like all Democrats in 2016 and 2017, I have come to know what happens when good people stay home and don’t do what they can to stand up for what they know is right.

I am running because vulnerable people deserve respect in our courts. Victims, defendants, witnesses, and families need to have faith that when they come into Criminal District Court 6, they will be heard and respected, and that the decisions rendered by the court will be based on the law and evidence in the case.

I believe in second chances, smart treatment options, reformative justice, and protecting the safety of our community with fairness, compassion, and respect.

Although criminal law has been my passion, my greatest joy in life is my two smart daughters, Catherine and Claire. We live in beautiful South Oak Cliff with three chickens and a big misbehaved dog.


Jeanine Howard did not submit her statement in time for publication.


Criminal District Judge, #7


Chika Anyiam

Educational Background

Licensed to practice law by the Texas Supreme Court in 1997, obtained my law degree in Nigeria in 1987, and licensed by the Nigerian Supreme Court in 1988.

Work or Political Background

In addition to community service and pro bono work, I’m a criminal defense lawyer with over twenty years experience representing persons charged with all levels of felonies. As a Democrat, I have volunteered for and supported the party and candidates financially, to help keep Dallas County blue.

Candidate Statement

I’m Chika Anyiam, and I’m running to become the next judge of the Dallas County Criminal District Court #7, because I’m passionate about equal access to justice, equal protection under the law and the presumption of innocence for all, regardless of race, age, or gender.

I have practiced criminal law in Dallas for over twenty years, and tried tough felony cases to the jury in all the felony courts. In 2014, 2015 and 2017 I was selected by my colleagues as one of their best. In 2016, the Dallas Committee for a Qualified Judiciary vetted my work and deemed me qualified for judicial service. I will bring this knowledge and experience to the bench as a judge.

I will keep dangerous criminals off our streets, make rehabilitation and treatment available to drug addicts, minor offenders and the mentally ill where appropriate.

My courtroom will be dedicated to the pursuit of justice, without fear or favor for any side. I will be fair and impartial, and treat all with respect. Please vote me in as your Democratic Party Nominee for the Dallas Criminal District Court #7 on March 6, 2018, and I promise I will not disappoint you. THANK YOU!!


Heath Harris

Educational Background

Heath Harris received his Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing from Texas Tech University. He later received his Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University.

Work or Political Background

Licensed by the State Bar of Texas in 1996. He devoted over 20 years to litigating cases. He started as an intern and worked his way into the administrative position of First Assistant to D.A. Craig Watkins. As a sole practitioner, he has been retained to try cases throughout Texas.

Candidate Statement

I have worked in the felony criminal courts for over 20 years as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. As First Assistant, I supervised all the felony courts and worked with Judges to ensure that their dockets ran efficiently. I have tried every level felony from death penalty cases to state jail felonies. I have served on the jail population commissioners, legislators and concerned citizen from throughout the nation to improve our criminal courts. I am hardworking, experienced, and ready to serve. I believe Judges must do more than just meet their statutory duties to the bench to effectively fight crime. I am committed to advancing reentry programs that address mentoring youthful offenders, rehabilitating substance abusers, and identifying and monitoring the mentally ill to ensure they receive the proper treatment they need to keep from re-offending. I am the only candidate in my race that voted in the 2006 Democratic Primary as we prepared to overthrow Dallas County Republicans. I need your vote as I seek the Democratic Nomination for CDC#7.


Mark Watson did not submit his statement in time for publication.


Dallas County Criminal District Attorney


John Creuzot

Educational Background

B.A., North Texas State University 1978; J.D. SMU School of Law 1982

Work or Political Background

1982-1989, Assistant District Attorney; 1989-1991, Private practice of law; 1991-2012, State District Judge; 2013-present, private practice of law. 1991-2012, State District Judge.

Candidate Statement

Prior to 1998, there was no response to intentional discrimination or disparate impact in our criminal justice system, I and others started the DIVERT Court to address these issues. It was a resounding success by showing a 50-60% reduction in re-arrests and saving $9.34 for every $1.00 spent. We then started a re-entry court, which focused on those who had served multiple prison sentences. We put them in treatment and significantly reduced arrests and probation violations.

These approaches to crime reduction became the foundation for more than 300 similar programs in Texas today. Re-orienting our priorities to crime reduction as opposed to case disposition has closed eight prisons through 2017.

As your next District Attorney, I will continue these programs and continue to find innovative ways to reduce crime and protect the vulnerable in our community.

Also, I will restore trust and transparency to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. I humbly ask for your support in the March 2018 Democratic Primary Election.


Elizabeth Frizell

Educational Background

Thurgood Marshall School of Law – J.D.
Prairie View A&M University – B.A.

Work or Political Background

Criminal District Court 7, Judge
Dallas County Criminal Court 11, Judge
City of Dallas Associate Municipal Court, Judge
City of Balch Springs Municipal Court, Judge
City of Princeton Municipal Court, Judge
City of Lucas Municipal Court, Judge
Dallas Judicial Nominating Commission, Chair
6A Grievance Committee by State Bar of Texas

Candidate Statement

As a PROUD Democrat, I want to bring back Democratic LEADERSHIP and 2nd CHANCE values to the DA’s office. I will lead the charge in KEEPing Dallas County BLUE, like we did in the trailblazing classes of 2002 AND 2006. I want to REFORM the Criminal Justice system using my 5 Point Plan to Prevent the Pipeline to Prison, starting with the Bail Bond system. I want to train prosecutors to recommend PR bonds and not base them on money. Secondly, I want to restart DNA testing to decrease the number of wrongful convictions. Third, create the FIRST Felony Family Violence Court so that family violence cases can be heard exclusively. Fourth, appoint a Special Prosecutor to handle Police Shootings. They will not work for the DA’s office to ensure impartiality in all cases, especially those that warrant an indictment. And last but certainly not least, TRAIN Prosecutors to use the 18 diversion programs as SENTENCING RECOMMENDATIONS so that we can reform more defendants instead of incarcerating them. By implementing these 5 steps of my plan, it can SAVE Dallas County tax payers $2.3 million dollars a year!! We can “EXCEL with FRIZELL” but only with your help!


Judge, County Court-at-Law No. 2


Dorotha Ocker

Educational Background

Stanford Law School, J.D.; Texas Woman’s University, M.A.;
Texas A&M University; B.A.

Work or Political Background

President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice – Former Honors Trial Attorney. Currently litigating to help workers, veterans, widows, and homeowners in court.

Candidate Statement

I spent my first day as a lawyer serving President Barack Obama in his Department of Justice. While representing the United States of America in courts all over the country, I learned first hand how much power a judge has over the justice that people can get. I knew from early in my career that I wanted to one day be the person who presides over cases and makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and gets what they deserve.

I have litigated in county courts all over Texas, and I can bring what I’ve learned to make sure that Dallas County has a fair, efficient, and just court that can bring JUSTICE to all residents.


Melissa Bellan did not submit her statement in time for publication.


Judge, County Court-at-Law No.4


Paula Rosales

Educational Background

B.A., Southern Methodist University
Juris Doctor, Texas Wesleyan School of Law

Work or Political Background

Attorney who prosecutes the negligent actions of others, including corporations; Presiding Judge for the City of Dallas Municipal Courts, where she spearheaded the Fresh Start Docket; Human Rights Advisor for U.S. Department of State; Assistant DA fighting for justice for victims; Community volunteer dedicated to registering voters, mentoring youth, and empowering working families.

Candidate Statement

The Texas Constitution makes clear that the right to a trial by jury must remain inviolate. And if fortunate enough to be elected as your for County Court-at-Law 4, I will closely scrutinize any attempt to deny the people of Dallas County this important right. Justice, fairness and impartiality is far more than a public service job, it is a solemn responsibility, especially in today’s political climate promoting negativity and fear.


Ken Tapscott

Educational Background

B.S.B.A. University of Alabama-Huntsville 1992; J.D. University of Miami 1995

Work or Political Background

1996, Social Security Administration, staff attorney for Office of Hearings and Appeals, San Antonio, TX; 1997-2006, Baron & Budd, P.C., associate/senior associate in toxic tort/asbestos litigation; 2007-present, Judge, County Court at Law #4

Candidate Statement

Fellow Democrats, I am asking for your vote to serve you and all of Dallas County for another four years. In the 11+ years I have been Judge of CCL #4, I have put over 420 cases to jury verdict, more than any other Dallas County civil judge since 2006. Additionally, during the same 11+ year time period, I have decided more than 1600 non-jury cases. According to the Dallas Bar Association’s polls, I am one of the very best civil judges in the Dallas County judiciary (See Dallasbar.org for polls in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017). I am a leader off the bench too, as I volunteer in Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Dallas Bar High School Mock Trial, and the Dallas Bar Association Trial Academy. Most importantly for a room full of Democrats, I was named Dallas County Democratic Party Elected Official of the Year for 2017. Vote to Keep Ken Tapscott!!


Tanja Martini and Rachel Rider did not submit their statements in time for publication.


Judge, County Criminal Court of Appeals No.1


Kristin Wade

Educational Background

Richardson Public Schools, Spring Creek Elementary, and Westwood Junior high.
Trinity University-B.A. Print Journalism 1984
Southern Methodist University- Juris Doctor, 1988

Work or Political Background

I have been the Judge of the County Criminal Court of Appeals Number 1, since 1999.
I have been licensed to practice law 29 years, prior to taking the bench, I was an assistant DA and private defense attorney. My entire career has been exclusively devoted to criminal law.

Candidate Statement

I have been a judge for 18 years, and licensed to practice law for 29 years, all devoted to criminal law. Prior to taking the bench, I was both an ADA and a criminal defense attorney. As a Judge, I have written hundreds of opinions, and presided over hundreds of jury trials. Since 2004, I have run an award winning mental health jail diversion court. This court is grant-funded and not jurisdictionally attached to my court. I have diverted approximately 1,300 people out of jail and into services in the community, all at no cost to the participants. Program participants receive drug treatment, counseling, and intensive case management. In addition, I preside over the DA Felony Mental Health program, and outpatient competency restoration. All my mental health programs are licensed specialty courts, which means we adhere to evidenced- based best practices. I have received the NAMI special recognition award for my efforts in mental health as well as MHA PRISM award for my mental health program. I chair the behavioral health leadership team at the courthouse, sit on the 530 committee which distributes funds to specialty courts, and was nominated as the judicial representative for Behavioral health leadership team.


Marty Jo Taylor did not submit her statement in time for publication.


Judge, County Criminal Court of Appeals No 2


Johnny Lanzillo

Educational Background

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree and History, then completed law school at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2012.

Work or Political Background

I was hired out of law school by Stanley & Associates, where I managed the firm’s docket of 100-120 active criminal cases in DFW and Houston. In 2014, I co-founded Peter & Lanzillo, and I’m managing partner. We have an active criminal docket of 80-100 cases, and 15-20 civil cases.

Candidate Statement

I have experience in criminal courtrooms across Texas, and in Federal Court, which I believe is a unique experience compared to the other candidates. This experience allows me to take good processes from other counties and implement them in Dallas County to improve courtroom efficiency.

I also want to bring equality into the courtroom. Defendant’s should not be treated differently because they can afford bond, or an attorney. I want to work with the District Attorney and Sherriff to create diversion programs for defendants in jail, and cannot get out. People should not have to take convictions because they cannot afford bond. A jail diversion program can help people avoid convictions, and they may not miss out on jobs, get deported, or get denied apartments because they took a conviction to get out of jail.

I am the best candidate to be Judge, because not only am I qualified, but I want to help and serve the people of Dallas County. I was born in Dallas, and grew up in North Dallas at Audelia and Forest, and currently live in Richardson. I would be honored to be endorsed by the organization that represents where I grew up and live now.


Pamela Luther

Educational Background

DISD graduate with a B.S. in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin and a J.D. from SMU Dedman School of Law, with an emphasis on Criminal Practice.

Work or Political Background

I began my career with internships at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Federal Public Defender. I am a former prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Criminal Trial Division, and former attorney for the Public Defender’s Office. I currently practice criminal defense.

Candidate Statement

As a former prosecutor and former public defender for Dallas County, I have a great deal of criminal trial experience. This knowledge is vital for establishing court procedure that is fair to the government, victims, law enforcement, and defendants. I have tried countless criminal cases to verdict by jury trial and bench trial. I have raised and argued both sides of constitutional issues relating to search and seizure, violation of the right to a speedy trial and numerous others. I understand the challenges faced by victims needing closure as well as the challenges of the accused trying to pay their dues to society and maintain employment.

I run on a platform of “Fairness and Awareness”. There cannot be fairness in the judicial system without a working knowledge of how each judicial ruling affects the parties, the staff and the community. I have not only worked behind the scenes on both sides of the system, but I have argued complex and changing legal standards in the courtroom. This familiarity with all aspects of courtroom procedure, combined with my consistent practice and research of criminal issues make me perfectly suited for Judge of Dallas County Court of Criminal Appeals No. 2.


Marilynn Mayse and Bruce Kaye did not submit their statement in time for publication.


County Criminal Court-at-Law No 3


Symone Redwine

Educational Background

Cornell University School of Law, Juris Doctorate, concentration in real estate and criminal law
University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor Business Administration, Finance, magna cum laude
Bishop Dunne Catholic School

Work or Political Background

Redwine has been a champion of criminal justice reform since her early days at Cornell Law School. Ranked in the top 2.5% of Texas attorneys under 40, she’s a trailblazing millennial. As a former municipal court judge presiding over misdemeanors, she will bring a results-driven approach to this misdemeanor court.

Candidate Statement

As an attorney in private practice and former municipal court judge, I applied legal principles to ensure fair and appropriate bail was set and sentences rendered. I will approach the bench in Dallas County with the same enthusiasm and fervor. Ranked in the top 2.5% of Texas attorneys under 40 (per my peers and Texas Super Lawyers Magazine), I believe my experience and qualifications will allow me to fill the open seat vacated by Judge Skemp and continue his legacy of justice and compassion towards defendants suffering mental health issues. CCC3 is one of the most important benches in Dallas County because one of the responsibilities as judge is to ensure that defendants suffering from mental health and addiction issues receive treatment. I have chosen to run for this open seat due to the direct correlation between mental health-related issues and subsequent sentencing.

In addition, my experience representing indigent clients and resolving their matters pro bono has inspired my platform, which focuses on the following issues: Prohibiting payday loan companies attempts to intimidate, criminally prosecute and incarcerate indigent citizens who cannot repay these predatory loans; applying a treatment-based approach to mental illness and addiction; bail reform.


Audrey Moorehead

Educational Background

Huston-Tillotson University, B.S.
Dallas Baptist University, M.B.A.
Texas Wesleyan Law School, J.D.

Work or Political Background

Clerk for Judge Sam Lindsay, Federal District Court; Law Offices of Audrey Moorehead 2007-2017, Kastl Law 2017 to present handling criminal, probate, family cases; Visiting Nurse Association Long Term Care, including Meals on Wheels;, National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers, TCDLA Trial College; Chair, Dallas Chapter, Texas Coalition Black Democrats.

Candidate Statement

I have worked in the Dallas Criminal Courts every year since 2007 and am a recognized educator in criminal law and legal ethics. I am the former Vice President of Dallas Black Criminal Bar Association, Board member of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Bar of Texas, Texas Women Lawyers; past Secretary/Treasurer Dallas Bar Association, Director National Bar Association; member of Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers, League of Women Voters and Lion’s Club, International. I am regularly appointed to represent the underserved in Dallas Criminal Courts working with the mentally challenged and substance abuser. Judges have shown confidence in my handling difficulties by appointing me to represent persons who believe that our criminal justice system has no jurisdiction over them. Being Judge of this bench will allow work on decreasing recidivism through partnering with my extensive community resources. I have established and through my history as a licensed social worker, I am dedicated to listening to the victims of crimes and protecting the public as well as protecting the public trust. I have lived a life dedicated to public service and I view being Judge as public service in its highest form.


County Criminal Court-at-Law Court No 10


Roberto Canas

Educational Background

I graduated cum laude from Texas Tech School of Law and cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin with a music degree. I graduated from Texas public schools.

Work or Political Background

I have been a domestic violence judge for the past eleven years and a prosecutor for almost eight years before that. I am a life-long Democrat and became active locally in 2002. In 2006, I became judge of this court as part of the wave that turned Dallas County blue.

Candidate Statement

I handle only domestic violence cases and because of my experience and use of best practices, my court was named a Domestic Violence Mentor Court by the U.S. Department of Justice one of only ten in the country. In 2015, I instituted Dallas County’s first-ever gun surrender program for domestic violence offenders. I did this because over sixty percent of all domestic violence homicides are committed with a gun. I have received $1.1 million dollars in federal grant money. This is taxpayer money coming back to Dallas to affect the issue of domestic violence. As a faculty member of the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence I have trained judges around the country on domestic violence.

I am the only candidate in this race with the experience, integrity and demeanor to handle domestic violence cases appropriately. My opponent is a disgraced, former judge who Democrats rejected four years ago in the primary election because of unethical behavior she engaged in on the bench.

In my next term I want to continue to do the things that have made my court one of the best domestic violence courts in the country. I am asking for your vote. Thank you.


Etta Mullin

Educational Background

Etta J. Mullin is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, Dallas. Texas Woman’s University, Denton and Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, Houston.

Work or Political Background

Etta J. Mullin has over 25 years of combined Legal and Judicial experience. Etta has prior professional experience working for juvenile departments, Dallas and San Antonio;Juliette Fowler Homes Youth and Family Services, Adult Probation, Houston
Etta is a life long democrat with more than three decades of volunteered service.

Candidate Statement

Many of our love ones are suffering in silence as a result of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence has a lasting impact on our families and community. As your Judge of Dallas County Criminal Court No. 10. I will be a fair and impartial decision maker in the pursuit of justice while protecting victims and their families. I will work to address the underlying causes of the accused, and empower the community through awareness, prevention and education in order to provide a workable resolution for everyone involved.


Dallas County Sheriff (unexpired term)


Marian Brown

Candidate Statement

I am a lifelong resident of Dallas County, and I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

I am a thirty-year veteran of law enforcement, with 25 of those years being in the supervision and management of law enforcement personnel and operations.

I think that I am the best candidate for Sheriff because I have true law enforcement experience that includes working the streets; responding to calls for service; handling domestic violence situations; making traffic stops; arresting /transporting suspects; supervising patrol officer and detectives; investigating crime scenes, including shootings, murders, and suicides; coordinating large and small scale police/community events; overseeing critical incidents; supervising a small holding facility; developing/ managing overall police department budget; overseeing overall police department operations.

I have extensive law enforcement management and leadership experience, as is exhibited by the rapid ascension through the ranks and the continued span of leadership.

I also have experience engaging the community and bringing police and community together. I have coordinated city-wide and school district-wide community events on numerous occasions. This includes quarterly town hall meetings.

My priorities would be to mend the trust between the community and law enforcement by focusing on our core values; To provide viable skills and services to inmates which they can use to assist in reducing recidivism; To focus on working with community resources to attend to inmates with mental health needs who come to the jails.


Roy Williams, Jr.

Educational Background

BS in Criminal Justice w/concentration in Management (Summa Cum Laude)
MS in Organizational Leadership (February 2018)
Texas Association of Counties Executive Leadership Course
FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association Command College

Work or Political Background

DCDP Elected Official of the Year – 2015
Elected Official/Constable, Pct. 4 – 7 years (current)
Dallas Sheriff’s Department – 20+ years
Master’s Peace Officers License
Advanced Jailer License
TCOLE Instructor in the following areas: Diversity, Ethics, Courtroom Security, First Aid, CPR, AED, Firearms, Tactical Driving, Non-Lethal Use of Force, Pepper Spray

Candidate Statement

I am running for this office because I feel I am the best candidate to lead the department into the 21st century. At a time when law enforcement departments and officials have been questioned on many fronts, and accused of not being in-tune with minority citizens and communities, the next person that leads the Sheriff’s Department should be someone that has a proven track record in connecting with the citizens of Dallas County, something I have accomplished. Currently, as Constable of Precinct 4, I have been successful in leading and operating a law enforcement agency effectively and efficiently during these challenging and changing times, while faced with reduced funding and reductions in force. I have shown the ability to do more with less, displayed ethical leadership, and maintained a productive, diverse workforce. With the reputation as a collaborator, I have a great working relationship and the support of many Democratic elected officials, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to do the job and lead the department. I am ready to take my leadership qualities to the next level, and make the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department the premier destination for those seeking to excel in law enforcement.


Eland Sigler did not submit his statement in time for publication.


Dallas County Democratic Party Chair


Carol Donovan

Candidate Statement

I’m proud of the accomplishments we’ve made since I became Chair just over two and a half years ago.

Dallas County has been voting Democratic for over ten years now, but my goal is to make it bluer! In 2016, we became the most competitive we’ve ever been. In 2018, we are in the fight for the soul of our nation. We must focus on defending our countywide seats, such as sheriff and judges, while also mobilizing to win more seats. We’ll win by campaigning door to door, continuing our outreach programs, and engaging with everyday Democrats.

Since taking office, we have raised over $850,000 together. Moving forward, I would like to continue to incorporate new fundraising streams while building our core ones. The Dallas County Democratic Party had over 1800 contributions in 2017 — both big and small. It is important to have local money fund our local Party. We are fighters of the community and together we’ll continue to fund our Party and be the Party of the people.

It takes experience and a proven track record to achieve the changes we want in our government. We’re making strong progress together. Let’s stand together and keep it going.


Chris Hamilton

Educational Background

Chris Hamilton is a graduate of Texas Christian University and University of Texas School of Law.

Work or Political Background

Chris Hamilton is a lifelong Democrat, civic leader, progressive activist, fundraiser and prominent civil rights attorney based in Dallas, Texas. He has organized bus workers to fight against corporate greed, and lawyers to fight against Trump’s illegal Travel Ban. He has worked to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

Candidate Statement

As a lifelong Democrat and third-generation union member, I’ve worked to advance our Democratic values here in Dallas county. I’m running for Chair of the Party because it’s time for a more inclusive, diverse, and effective Democratic Party. We must begin by increasing visibility in minority communities, rebuilding the Democratic Party’s relationship with labor and establishing the Democratic Party as the party of working people. We can begin re-establishing relationships with leading Democratic donors who have been alienated by the current party leadership. In doing so, we will educate donors regarding why investment in the party will create the highest return on investment for their dollars. We will also work to establish outreach on a national scale to educate donors across the US regarding the potential and importance of Dallas County and the state of Texas in the National political picture. We can also improve the Party’s use of technology and social media to engage voters. Essentially, we will build a year-round outreach operation to increase voter participation. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but that also means we have a tremendous opportunity for growth.




Far North Dallas Democrats was created in 2004 for the purpose of recruiting and supporting a Democratic candidate for Texas House District 102. Since then, the club has grown to over 100 active members, and has expanded our scope to support Democratic candidates throughout Dallas County and the State of Texas.

We hold regular monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month at Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, 1251 West Campbell Road in Richardson. We bring interesting speakers for the edification and in-depth discussion of some of the most important issues pertaining to our community.

For more information, and an application to become a member, please visit our website at FarNorthDallasDemocrats.org.


Since 2002, North Dallas Texas Democratic Women has been one of the leading Democratic clubs in Dallas and, most years, the largest chapter of the Texas Democratic Women. Our members have played key roles in electing Democrats, especially Democratic Women, in Dallas County. We have not always been successful, but we keep closing the gap. We do this by a) informing our members on key issues through our meeting programs and regular emails; b) connecting our members through social events like our Book Club, Movie Club and Summer and Holiday Parties; c) raising money to directly contribute to women candidates and those that support women’s issues. In 2016 NDTDW raised and donated $5,600.00 to campaigns for Sheriff, Judge, Congress, and State House races. Members directly donated to campaigns as well. As an organization we support the annual Annie’s List and Planned Parenthood lunches as well as Dallas County Democratic Party events.

Our regular club meetings are on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:45 PM. We meet at the Northaven United Methodist Church, 11211 Preston Road, Dallas.

Please check out our website to stay up to date on what NDTDW is doing: ndtdw.com.


Texas Democrats on 2018 Statewide Primary Candidates


Texas Democrats have filled the statewide ticket with diverse, bold leaders. There are primaries for U.S. Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Land Commissioner, and Railroad Commissioner.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement: “A blue wave is rising in the Lone Star State. Texas Democrats are marching, organizing, and stepping up to serve. We are so excited to have a conversation about who we are and where we want to go as a Party. “I’m proud that such an accomplished, diverse set of statewide candidates are dedicating themselves to fight for Texans. The fact is we all believe in a vision for Texas where everyday folks have a fair shot to get ahead.”


What is different about 2018?

Texas Democrats are competing everywhere.

Progressives are fighting back, registering voters, marching, and organizing.

Texas Democrats just had the best presidential showing in two decades.

The majority of Texans disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing.

Republican statewides are well under 50 percent approval.