FNDRD Primary Endorsements

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Endorsement results of those that got 2/3rds of the ballots cast in each race:

US Senate – Beto O’Rourke
Lt. Governor – Mike Collier
Comptroller – Joi Chevalier
Commissioner of Land Office – Miguel Suazo
State Board of Education – Suzanne Smith
State Senate Dist 16 – Nathan Johnson
District Judge 68th – Martin Hoffman
District Judge 160th – Jim Jordan
District Judge 193rd – Carl Ginsberg
District Judge 255th – Sandre Moncriffe
District Judge 265th – Jennifer Bennett
District Judge 283rd – Lela Mays
Criminal District Judge Court 1 – Tina Yoo Clinton
Criminal District Judge Ct 6 – Alison Grinter
Family Dist Judge 302nd – Sandra Jackson
Family Dist Judge 304th – LaDeitra Adkins
Criminal District Attorney – John Creuzot
Judge County Court at Law #2 – Melissa Bellan
Judge County Court at Law #4 – Ken Tapscott
Judge County Criminal Court #3 – Audrey Faye Moorehead
Judge County Criminal Court 10 – Roberto Canas
Judge County Criminal Court of Appeals #2 – Kristin Wade

No person reached the 2/3rd threshold in the following races:

US House Dist. 32
Railroad Commissioner
State Senate Dist. 8
District Judge 204th
Criminal District Judge Court 7
Criminal Court of Appeals #2
County Chair